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Fake Tan at its Best

Used by countless celebrities - most of whom you don't realise even use fake tan, in fact, most of them claim to not use it.  Whether you want a full blown tan colour or just want to even up you skin tone, disguise skin blemishes such as stretch marks, scars or varicose veins then we will have the perfect self tanner for you and best of all, we have products which suit all skin tones - from the fairest of them all to the darkest.  This means everyone can look their fake tan best.

Here's what we don't have in our products:

  • Parabens which have been found in skin tissue and have been linked to cancer albeit tentatively
  • Alcohol which is drying on the skin and can often cause irritation, used in aerosol tanners and also a cheap ingredient to add into a formula
  • Artificial fragrance which often has hidden phthalates which have also been linked to cancer but they are often the biggest cause of skin irritation in tanning products and used by other brands to mask the smell of their product
  • DMDM which is a form of formaldehyde releasing preservative and some people have allergic reactions to this.

Here's what we do have in our products:

  • Highest quality of DHA - Ecocertified, vegan approved. Is less smelly than other chemically manufactured DHA meaning you can wear your tan with confidence.
  • Highly moisturising with Hyaluronic Acid known to be the best natural moisturiser making your skin look plumper and firmer and will last longer so you dont need to keep re-applying.
  • Jojoba Oil which stimulates collagen production and protects the skin against damaging UV Light.
  • Hibiscus Flower Extract has potent anti oxident and healing properties so you can be confident that what you're putting on your skin is not harming it.

We have extensively researched and formulated to bring you the best sunless tanning solutions in terms of quality, ingredients and ease of use.  In our view your fake tan should never look - well - fake! You should wear it with confidence, knowing you have achieved a great looking colour without anyone realising what it is.

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