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Why Choose Fake Tan in Winter?


For some of us who don't have the skin type to be able to tan naturally in the sun, fake tan has come along as a blessing.  For others who do have a skin type which tans well in the sunlight, you now have choices if you want to avoid the damaging effects of UV rays such as premature ageing and skin cancer risk due to over exposure.

Having a tan seems to make us feel healthier, slimmer and generally feel so much better and more confident. The tanning products around these days have come along way from where they were in the 1970's.  Unreal Sunless Tanning products are at the forefront of this revolution.  We are the only tanning company who adapt our products to cope with the changes in our skin's condition from summer to winter.

Have you noticed that in the winter you have a tendency to have drier skin?  Perhaps especially on your legs and arms?  Well, this in part is caused by:

  • you cover up more
  • central heating is cranked up
  • you moisturise less due to wearing more clothes and dont feel it's quite so necessary
  • biting, cold, winter winds
  • you fear the obvious "fake" look will make you stand out

The best fake tan products will deliver answers to all these fears.  We have a range of sunless products which will allow you to apply your self tan at home without looking obviously fake and will deliver the right amount of moisturising nourishment your skin needs at the right time.  Remember it's all about looking naturally tanned - no-one should be able to guess, but they should notice that you are looking amazing!

Did you know that your skin naturally produces less sebum in the Winter than Summer?  All the more reason to give your skin a helping hand in the Winter months.  Try our Unreal Body Silk Moisturiser which is infused with high quality moisturisers such as:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E
  • Panthenol
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Shea Butter

All of which gives your skin a winter boost whether or not you fake tan or not.  This is a high performing, high quality body moisturiser without the big ticket price you'd expect for high quality ingredients such as these.

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