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How to get Fake Tan Off

This is one of the most common questions asked by frequent tanners, or those who've suffered a tanning disaster. The reason you might want to remove your tan  in a hurry is because you've made a botched attempt at a self applied tan or the tanning salon or therapist who's applied your tan professionally has made some fatal errors.

Either way, it's imperative you get rid of that fake tan and quick!  Well, sometimes you just need to hang in there and let your skin shed naturally but if you can't wait then read on for some tips and tricks.  Don't forget that the ingredient which makes the skin turn brown (Dihydroxyacetone) only works on the dead skin cells hence the reason most tans will only last around 5-7 days.  Longer if you use tan extender products and you moisturise regularly.  So, you don't want to wait that long?  I wouldn't recommend anything abrasive as this can irritate your skin and cause inflammation and don't use any bleaching products either as this can cause burning and again damage the skin.  The best course of action is to use a product which will gently encourage the dead skin cells to shed as soon as possible.  Unreal Tan Eraser gel has been perfectly formulated to remove fake tan efficiently and leave the skin moisturised.  You can even immediately re-apply your tanning product and start again.You can use it whether you are a frequent tanner and have "build up" caused by constantly applying product on top of older product applications or if you're a first timer.  This is a must have product for dancers and bodybuilders. It will also take the colour down a shade if you've just had a freshly applied tan go wrong.

You can also try some exfoliating or buffing towels and gloves, our own product to help the removal process is Unreal Exfoliating Towel.  It's best to soak in the bath for a while and then use these products to remove.  Again, it's important not to scrub the skin too much to avoid irritation and inflammation.

If your face is not the shade of brown you'd hoped for, then try using products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids as part of the ingredients this will effectively help in removing fake tan from the face in particular.  Make up removers and facial masks often have this ingredient.  We tend to use a lot of products on our face for cleansing etc so a tan on the face doesn't last as long as other parts of the body.

To get fake tan off hands and feet when too much solution has been applied by a professional or you've applied way too much yourself, calls for similar removal as those already discussed.  Always make sure you moisturise these areas before applying your tanning products and wear flip flops after you've completed your application.  Wearing trainers and boots where they are going to cause "rub" marks is just plain daft so think about foot wear.

If you've had a fake tan disaster in the past let us know about it and we can help you avoid it in the future.

If you would like information on how to learn to spray tan get in touch for details on trainers in your area.
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