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I'm Scared to Have a Spray Tan for my Wedding Day - Our 8 Tips for Success

I'm Scared to Have a Spray Tan for my Wedding Day - Our  8 Tips for Success

Who hasn't gone to a wedding only to see the bride the wrong shade of tan for her skin tone?  The biggest desire any bride has on her wedding day is to look her best.  The sad thing is we've probably all seen someone whose tan could have been more realistic.   There really is no excuse for spray tanning someone and making them look unnatural, whether they have fair skin or olive skin, match the right product for their skin type to help them look their best. Here's our top tanning tips to get ready for your big day.

1.  Always have a trial at least 2 weeks before the wedding date.

2.  If you don't regularly have a spray tan ask friends and colleagues to recommend a salon or mobile therapist who does a great job.

3.  Find a spray tanner who caters for all skin tones and has more than one shade she can spray - one size does not suit everyone.

4.  The day after your trial tan, wear the lightest colour clothes possible, i.e. white t-shirt and white jeans (if your wedding dress is white etc). This will give you an idea of how your tan will look against your white dress.  You always, always look darker next to light colours.  This is a huge mistake brides make.

5.  Make sure you use sun protection in the run up to your wedding day so you don't expect your spray tanner to somehow spray tan out your "farmer's tan".

6.  Always exfoliate and wax/shave according to your therapists instructions - do not skip this step or you run the risk of a blotchy looking tan just before your tanning session. You can make a DIY exfoliator at home by using Bicarbonate of soda and water mixed into a paste, apply to damp skin using an exfoliating towel or gloves.

7.  To maintain your perfect tan be sure to moisturise at least once a day, which will enrich your skin keeping it hydrated.

8.  Top up after 4 or 5 days with one of our Self Tan products to keep that bronze glow going well into the honeymoon.

A great example of getting it right:

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