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5 things You Need to Know about Choosing and Using a Self Tanner

There are so many choices available to you when looking for a self tanning product.  Most people don't intend looking like an "oompah loompah" when they use a fake tanner but invariably that's the outcome they end up with.

Why is this?  Well, there are several reasons that they end up looking orange, but be sure to check out the key points below, and if you follow our top tips then you should avoid this unflattering look.

1.  Know your skin type.  If you are fair and don't tan naturally in the sun, then don't attempt to look like Jennifer Lopez. In other words, don't use a dark tanning product.  You will end up overloading your skin and then you run a very high risk of becoming orange.  As a rule of thumb choose:

Fair skin never tans - gradual tanner or Light colour is best, try Unreal Body Bronze

Medium skin tone, tans a little, can burn but eventually goes brown - medium colour try Unreal Personal Tanning Mist Medium

Dark skin tone, goes really brown in the sun, never burns - dark tanning product like Unreal Personal Tanning Mist in Dark

2.  Don't overload your skin with too much product.  Assuming you've chosen the right colour (see above), your application is important.  As a rule of thumb I would aim to use around 50/60ml of your product to do a full body tan assuming you are of average build.

3.  Don't mix your products, aim to use the same tanning products from the same company.  In other words don't use a tanning lotion from Company X and then use Company Y's gradual tanner to top it up.  This can cause several problems:

a.  You don't necessarily know what strength each of these products are, whereas if you buy from the same company they will be formulated to work together in harmony.

b.  Ingredients will differ and may cause reactions and then you wont know which product potentially caused the problem. 

4.  Exfoliate!  Don't forget to exfoliate this will help remove some old tan and even out what you already have thereby lessening the danger of too much tan build-up which will look on the orange side if you overdo it by continual layering.

5. Maintain your tan by moisturising every single day, you'll get much better longevity if you don't let your skin dry out.


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