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Longed for a Spray Tan but Been Too Scared?

As the popularity of having a professionally applied spray tan has grown, we're still amazed at Unreal HQ how many people have never had one as they're worried about what they'll look like afterwards.  I blame Ross from Friends!  I never cease to roll about laughing at his exploits in the auto spray booth. Seriously, I've never seen anyone look like that, especially if they've been sprayed with Unreal.  I would suggest you avoid the auto spray booths and go with a salon or therapist who uses a hand held sprayer thereby avoiding the same fate as Ross!

You can't go wrong if you ask friends for a recommendation and don't be tempted to have a tan at the local "tans for a tenner" place either.  The reason they're so cheap is probably because they are using an inferior product which will lack any hydration within it's formula and so potentially can be patchy and wont last longer than a couple of days.

Look for a salon or mobile therapist that can talk you through the options for your skin tone.  Not everyone can carry off a deep, dark, bronze colour or will be able to achieve that.  If you're fair skinned and never tan, only burn, you're never going to be as dark as your best friend who turns brown at the merest hint of sunshine.  Ask them if they carry different percentages of tanning solution.  If they try and tell you that the one solution they have suits everyone then look for someone else who can offer you a choice for fair skin, or perhaps a rapid tanning solution which you can shower off quicker.

Here are the important do's and don'ts to follow before and after any spray tan:

  • Don't moisturise on the day of your tan
  • Don't wear tight clothing after your tan
  • Don't have hot baths
  • Don't swim in chlorinated water 
  • Don't shave every day
  • Do exfoliate before your spray tan
  • Do wax or shave your legs at least 24/48 hours before your tan
  • Do try and cover your finger and tow nails with some polish or top coat before your tan
  • Do wear old dark coloured underwear or beachwear to be sprayed in if you prefer to paper underwear
  • Do wait at least 6/8 hours before showering after your spray tan.

Feel free to ask your spray tan therapist or salon if you are unsure about anything.

Just in case you haven't seen Ross having his auto spray tan here's the link - enjoy!


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