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Get the Best Tan this Party Season

Who doesn't love to get dressed up for the party of the year?  Don't let all your careful preparations with choosing a glamorous dress be ruined with a badly applied fake tan.

Preparation is key and if you suffer from dry skin especially on your legs, then you need to make sure you're moisturising every day in the run up to your big party event.  By using a high quality product such as Unreal Body Silk moisturiser which is packed with essential moisturisers such as jojoba, shea butter and Vitamin E your tan will last longer and will fade more evenly.  Here are the key steps to the best fake tan:

  1. Start preparing by waxing or shaving your legs at least 24 hours before you tan.  If you leave it for just before your tan you could run the risk of skin irritation or inflammation.  Shaving just before your application can leave the hair follicles open resulting in a "dotting" effect.
  2. Exfoliating will ensure that the skin is the perfect blank canvas for your fake tan application - try our luxurious Unreal Body Buff exfoliator.  Failing to carry out this step often means your tan wont last as long as it's shedding dead skin cells at different times giving a patchy effect.
  3. Apply a little moisturiser to dry areas such as knees, elbows and feet to avoid your tan looking darker in these areas.
  4. Apply your tanning product using a tanning mitt or vinyl glove which will protect your hands but should allow a more even coverage. Unreal Personal Tanning Mist comes in Light. Medium, or Dark depending on your skin type, so will suit everyone.
  5. Take your time and apply in small areas at a time working from the bottom of the legs up the body. Try using circular motions with your tanning mitt to avoid any streaks or missed patches.
  6. Finally apply to your hands. Use the excess product in your mitt for hands and feet thereby avoiding too much application of product.  

Maintain your tan by using moisturiser every day at least once a day - preferably twice and use a tan extender such as Unreal Body Bronze to keep your tan topped up.

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