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Fair Skin - Which Self Tanner is Best?


Gradual tanners, mist on tans, mousses, tanning liquids and rapid tanning liquids but which self tanner is best for fair skins?

First of all what you have to realise that as a fair skinned person, your skin doesn't naturally tan when in the sun.  Generally speaking, it only ever burns, or maybe burns first and you end up with a slight tan but never do you achieve a deep golden tan.  No matter what tanning brands tell you the same will apply with using a self tanner.  However, if you use the wrong product then you will run the risk of looking orange - never a good look!

Let's take a look at the various types of self tanners:

Gradual tanners - these relatively speaking have a very low amount of DHA which is the key ingredient which makes you look tanned.  Everyday ones tend to have around 1%, so you would apply everyday to build your colour depth.  Unreal Body Bronze contains 3% DHA so with this one you would only apply every other day or less until you reach the desired depth of tan.  Most gradual tanners come in a cream form as opposed to a lotion or liquid.  Some have an instant bronzing colour and others don't.  These then are likely to be the best for really fair skinned people.

Tanning Mousse - these tend to be very easy to apply and are very popular as they have an instant bronzer included.  If you are fair skinned I would encourage you to opt for a "light" version.  The "Light" versions tend to have DHA of 5 or 6%, so more than the gradual tanners if you don't want to apply your product everyday.  

Tanning Lotions, mist-on or spray-on these will come with instant bronzers and will come in various shades.  In the case of Unreal Personal Tanning Mist, we supply in Light, Medium or Dark.  Fair skins generally will want the Light version, but you may be able to use the Medium.  They tend to have an instant bronzer included so you can see exactly where you are applying the product.  Mist-on products tend to be less drying as they don't have to contain alcohol, however spray-on will generally have alcohol included to allow the product to be sprayed onto the skin.  

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