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Ridiculous Fake Tans

Has everyone gone off their trolley or is it just me?

All this week I've had emails drop in my inbox telling me about ridiculous and disastrous fake tans.  Did you hear the one about the woman who was shopping in Dunelm being mistaken for a wooden statue and almost placed in the window display - she was soooo mahogany in colour. Ridiculous! Or the guy who claimed, because he lacked affection from his family as a kid, he spent most of his time in his bedroom staring at his pine chest of drawers and thought that colour was normal?  Really?

Then yesterday I see this headline on OK Magazine online:

"Jessica Wright suffers fake tan fail in sexy slit dress" with picture of her looking very gorgeous albeit with a particularly orange leg and arm.

What about this one in Heatworld:

"Katie Price gets her naked bum out to show off ribcage and weirdly patterned fake tan lines".  It's obvious she wore a lace thong when getting spray tanned and I thought it looked rather cool - better than a permanent tattoo.

I just hate how the media love to ridicule fake tan and any celebrities who should know better, but don't, simply add fuel to the celeb gossip magazine fire.  The worst bit is it's totally unnecessary to end up looking like these examples.  We've all seen it and cringed.  All we want is a bit of colour to lift our spirits, feel a bit more confident when we have a bit of flesh on show and generally feel good about ourselves and you don't have to be a celebrity to do this. Less is more and use the right product for your skin tone. Check out our tips and tricks on this blog to help you make the right choice about self tanners especially this one.  If all else fails and you've got a fake tan disaster on your hands, don't forget the best way to remove fake tan is with our Unreal Tan Eraser.

Anyway, rant over, I've heard a rumour that the sun is making a big appearance this weekend which WILL mean there will be a lot more flesh on show this weekend - self tan mitts at the ready!

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