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Why Everyone is Loving a Natural Looking Fake Tan

We've been shouting it from the roof tops since we started way back in 2009.  Finally everyone else is beginning to catch on - that a natural looking fake tan can fool anyone and looks great no matter your own personal skin tone.

The demand for the mahogany tanned look has slumped as more and more people have gone for the less than obvious subtle look.  You may hear certain celebrities declaring that they no longer have spray tans but believe us, this is simply not true.  No celebrity in their right mind gets on a Red Carpet under all that lighting to face photographers without a bit of the fake stuff on.  Lighting plays an important role in that the more lights the more washed out they tend to look.  We all need to feel a little bit more confident when baring the flesh, whether it be in a strapless dress or thigh split number or wearing a bikini or swimsuit on the summer hols.  The fact is tanned flesh looks so much better than white translucent skin.  However, the trick is to get it right and not everyone can pull this off sadly.  Here's our top tips to make sure you don't suffer any tanning faux pas.

1.  Choose the right product for your skin tone.  This is an essential step, if you are pale and fair skinned opt for a "glow" use something which you can gradually build if needs be.  It's so much easier to add to than take away from.  Unreal Body Bronze or Unreal Personal Tanning Mist in Light is the perfect product for fair skins.  If you tan naturally in the sun you can go a little darker but - don't overdo it! 

2.  Do the prep!  We can't emphasise this enough.  Don't be tempted to skip this as it really does set up your tan to be a winner or a stinker.  By sloughing off all the dead skin cells before you apply your self tan or have a professional spray tan done, you're creating a perfect canvas and avoiding patchy looking areas.  Dry skin absorbs the tan more and will look darker.  If you use Unreal Body Buff this will not only gently exfoliate your skin but will leave it moisturised as well due to it's luxuriously hydrating ingredients.

3.  Take your time if you are self tanning - don't try to cover large areas all at once.  Start at the bottom of your legs and work in small areas at a time making sure you thoroughly work the product into the skin using circular motions.  Work up the body and leave your feet and hands until last. For these areas we'd recommend you simply use the product already on your tanning mitt ensuring not too much product is applied.

4.  When the product has dried, then you can dress and be sure to wear loose clothing. to avoid any rub off marks.  Unless you are using a "Rapid" tanning product, you usually will see some colour developing after 4 hours with full development taking place around 8 hours.

When showering off, avoid all products which contain SLS, avoid rubbing with a towel when drying, instead pat dry as this will discourage exfoliation.  Always be sure to moisturise after each shower as this will help to maintain your tan and last longer.  Around day 4 it's a good idea to apply a tan extender to keep your colour going a little longer.

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