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Fake Tan and Mysterious White Marks

If you see your Spray Tanner make this face right after he/she spray tans you then you're in trouble - or rather she knows your tan is in trouble.

Whether you have had a professionally applied spray tan or you've done your own self tan application yourself at home, you need to make sure your tan is dry before dressing and that you wear loose clothing.  If you don't do either of these then you run the risk of your tan rubbing onto your clothes and rubbing off your skin leaving a patchy outcome.  Even Kyllie Jenner recent;y posted a picture of herself on Instagram showing her dodgy tan.  Looking at those white marks on her legs think she might have failed to follow the loose clothing rules!


Here's some tips to help you out and avoid Kylie's fake tan fail.

Have you ever worn skinny or tight jeans right after you've tanned and wondered what the mysterious white line down the inside of your leg is?  Well, it's the seam of your jeans where it's rubbed off the tan.  Or how about mysterious white patches above your knees?  This is most likely due to you crossing your legs when sat down and caused your tan to rub off.  Or maybe your problem has been white patches on your calves?  Same thing - jeans too tight and rubbed off the backs of your legs.  White strap marks on your shoulders will be down to the rub marks caused by bra straps, so best to avoid wearing one for a few hours.  How about a white line below the knee? Yes, you've guessed it, you wore boots right after your tan.  Next time think about your footwear as well, flip flops are best by maybe not in winter so think of something that you can loosely slip on.

The easiest way to avoid all these mysterious problems is to wear loose clothing then you will avoid the rub marks.  Happy tanning!


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