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Tanning Tips to Avoid Staining Your Wedding Dress


Do you worry about staining your fabulous wedding dress but really want to have a spray tan?

Here are some top tips to help you avoid any fake tan stains to your beloved wedding dress:

1.  If you have sleeves in your dress and worried about perspiration staining around the under arms, simply cut up some panty liners and stick them inside your armpits.  Works a treat for silk blouses as well.  Cut them carefully so they are discreetly tucked away and out of sight.

2.  Apply dusting powder or bronzer to your underarms, use a thick bronzing brush and liberally apply. Make sure it isn't obvious so check from all angles.  This will soak up any perspiration but wont work with the tip above.

3.  Apply fashion tape to the inside of your dress where it will be rubbing.  Around the bust line and sides of your dress - where there might be boning are obvious areas.  Apply the tape to the edges on the inside.  Only use one adhesive side - you don't want the tape sticking to your skin so leave the covering on the other side of the tape.

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