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Why You Should Choose a Tanning Mousse

Unreal Bronzing Mousse best for Winter Tan


With so many different self tanning products available, how do you choose which one is best for you? There are tanning mousses, oils, creams, gradual tanners and spray tanning products on the market.  Which one is best for you? In this post I'm going to talk through the advantages of using a tanning Mousse.

Most Tanning Mousse products come with a colour guide or an "instant" bronzer which gives you that instant hit of colour as soon as you have applied the product. The Unreal Bronzing Mousse has a great natural looking instant colour which not only gives you colour but also makes the product really easy to apply. Often times when you are applying a cream product which might not have a colour guide, it's really hard to see where you've applied the product and as a result you end up missing bits, giving a patchy appearance.

Mousse products are great for beginners as they tend to glide onto the skin easier and less likely to streak. Unreal Bronzing Mousse is so easy to apply, you can use a tanning mitt or simply pop on a vinyl glove to protect your hand and apply.  It's quick drying but still gives you enough time to work the product around the skin, I always recommend using circular movements when applying and finishing with a downward stroke to smooth out any imperfections.

Unreal Bronzing Mousse is the perfect product for Winter as it gives a great natural looking colour giving you a great healthy looking tan.  Long lasting and super hydrating we've packed it full of great ingredients such as Aloe vera, Hyaluronic, Grape Seed Oil and Algae Extract to help your tan last longer without drying out your skin.  These combined create a hydrating punch you wont find in any other tanning product.

Be sure to exfoliate first and then apply your Unreal Bronzing Mousse, once dried, get dressed and enjoy your instant hit of colour whilst waiting 6 hours for your tan to fully develop. Always maintain your tan by moisturising every day.

If you have any tanning questions be sure to drop us an email using our "Contact Us" form.

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