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Tanning Tips to Avoid Staining Your Wedding Dress

  Do you worry about staining your fabulous wedding dress but really want to have a spray tan? Here are some top tips to help you avoid any fake tan stains to your beloved wedding dress: 1.  If you have sleeves in your dress and worried about perspiration staining around the under arms, simply cut up some panty liners and stick them inside your armpits.  Works a treat for silk blouses as well.  Cut them carefully so they are discreetly tucked away and out of sight. 2.  Apply talc or bronzer to your underarms, use a thick bronzing brush and...

Jul 07, 2015 0 comments

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Fake Tan and Mysterious White Marks

If you see your Spray Tanner make this face right after he/she spray tans you then you're in trouble - or rather she knows your tan is in trouble. Whether you have had a professionally applied spray tan or you've done your own self tan application yourself at home, you need to make sure your tan is dry before dressing and that you wear loose clothing.  If you don't do either of these then you run the risk of your tan rubbing onto your clothes and rubbing off your skin leaving a patchy outcome.  Even Kyllie Jenner recent;y posted a...

Jun 25, 2015 0 comments

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Why Everyone is Loving a Natural Looking Fake Tan

We've been shouting it from the roof tops since we started way back in 2009.  Finally everyone else is beginning to catch on - that a natural looking fake tan can fool anyone and looks great no matter your own personal skin tone. The demand for the mahogany tanned look has slumped as more and more people have gone for the less than obvious subtle look.  You may hear certain celebrities declaring that they no longer have spray tans but believe us, this is simply not true.  No celebrity in their right mind gets on a Red Carpet under all...

Jun 08, 2015 0 comments

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Ridiculous Fake Tans

Has everyone gone off their trolley or is it just me? All this week I've had emails drop in my inbox telling me about ridiculous and disastrous fake tans.  Did you hear the one about the woman who was shopping in Dunelm being mistaken for a wooden statue and almost placed in the window display - she was soooo mahogany in colour. Ridiculous! Or the guy who claimed, because he lacked affection from his family as a kid, he spent most of his time in his bedroom staring at his pine chest of drawers and thought that colour was normal?...

Apr 01, 2015 0 comments

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Best Way to Apply Self Tan to Your Back

The hardest area to self tan is your back. Unless you have someone on hand to help out it can become very tricky. So we’ve put together an easy “how to” so that you can do this on your own with excellent results.  What you’ll need: Tanning Mitt Hair brush Unreal Personal Tanning Mist in Light, Medium or Dark In most cases, the bottom half of your back is easy to reach from the side using your tanning mitt in the normal way. Just swap your tanning mitt from right to left hand to cover each side. For the tricky...

Mar 03, 2015 0 comments

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