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Fake Tan - Unreal Personal Tanning Mist 150ml Light, Medium, Dark


Fake Tan for Winter and Summer   Available in Light, Medium and Dark to suit all skin tones. Are you looking to use the best in fake tan products, one that matches your skin perfectly? Have you used fake tan products in the past and been disappointed that they: Don't last long - apply one day and gone the next?...

Fake Tan Remover - Unreal Tan Eraser Gel


Can Lighten a freshly applied tan without removing completely Will remove an older, fading tan effectively without scrubbing Gentle on the skin with no redness or skin irritation like other removal methods Super nourishing - leaving your skin perfectly hydrated and moisturised with no drying out of the skin Can be used to exfoliate the skin, leaving no residue and...

Salon Switch to Unreal Professional Spray Tan Kit


Looking to change your tanning brand?   Unreal Sunless can give your salon the edge over your competitors as our tanning solutions use the best natural based ingredients, which produce the most flawless, long lasting tan for your clients.  We suit all skin tones and the best bit is you can create a bespoke blend for your clients individual skin...

Spray Tan Machine Pro V


Spray Tan Machines come in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right one for your business is an important step in launching any spray tan service.  This machine is perfect for both mobile and salon use. Lightweight and compact it makes it easy to move from room to room or carry around if you're mobile. sleek metallic styling giving you...

Spray Tanning Solution Samples Professional Use Only

Sold Out

Contains 3 x 100ml Samples of 6, 8 and 12% DHA Tanning solutions. Why change to Unreal Sunless Tanning Solutions? Free from alcohol - less drying and less airborne in your spray room Free from Parabens Free from artificial fragrances which are the biggest cause of irritation Free from pthalates If you are looking for a tanning brand which offers...

Tan Eraser Kit | Remove Fake Tan


Why You Should Remove Fake Tan Frequent users of tanning products find they develop a build up of old tanning product on their skin.  This can lead to a very patchy looking tan and so for best results with your self tanner it's often best to remove it before applying a fresh tan.  Apart from anything else it doesn't look...

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