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The importance of proper exfoliation cannot be stressed enough and yet it is probably the step most likely to be skipped. For best results with any fake tanning product you need to have a clean canvas with which to work.  You do this by using an exfoliation product which will gently but effectively slough off any dead skin cells.  This ensures when you apply your self tanning product or have a spray tan, you achieve an even colour and great fade results.

If you are looking to remove fake tan then a must have product would be Unreal Tan Eraser which removes old tan or can lighten a freshly applied tan effectively and without scrubbing.  Don't be tempted to use harsh chemicals as is often suggested, these will dry out your skin and can cause inflammation and irritation.

Fake Tan Remover - Unreal Tan Eraser Gel


What is the worst thing about having a regular spray tan or self applying your tan? Could it be you hate the fade or sometimes it's just too dark because your spray tanner got a little bit carried away?  Or perhaps you didn't realise your normal dark shade of tan looked even darker when you wore white? Whatever the reason sometimes...

Tan Eraser Kit | Remove Fake Tan


Why You Should Remove Fake Tan Frequent users of tanning products find they develop a build up of old tanning product on their skin.  This can lead to a very patchy looking tan and so for best results with your self tanner it's often best to remove it before applying a fresh tan.  Apart from anything else it doesn't look...

Unreal Exfoliating Towel - Remove Fake Tan


Made from 100% nylon this exfoliating/buffing towel does a great job of getting you ready for fake tanning or any occasion when you just want to get rid of dull skin and look more radiant.  Long enough to be used on the back on those hard to reach areas.  Size approx 39" long.  Use with Unreal Body Buff Exfoliator and/or Tan...

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