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Just as exfoliation is a key step in the preparation to apply your fake tan or have it sprayed by a professional, so too is the after care of your tan.  Moisturisation plays a significant role in ensuring your tan lasts as long as possible.  So, in basic terms, you need to try and prevent the exfoliation process for as long as possible.  

Our Unreal Body Silk moisturiser is formulated to work in harmony with your Unreal Tan and hydrate the skin following application of sunless tanners.  It's packed with luxurious ingredients like jojoba, shea butter and olive oil.  Apply twice a day for perfect moisturised and glowing skin.  

Your skin will thank you for it.




Unreal Body Silk Daily Moisturiser - Keep Your Tan for Longer

£12.79 £9.99

Unreal Body Silk moisturiser is a lush, naturally inspired, paraben free daily moisturising lotion, which uses a combination of plant oils and rich butters to nourish the skin and protect against the harsh effects of the environment, whilst helping to prolong your tan.  Moisturisation is key to helping your tan last longer and without it your tan will break down...

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