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Are you looking for a sunless tanning solution which has virtually no overspray, and allows your tanning business to spray all year round?  One which is quick drying, non sticky, no rub-off and suits all skin tones?

Unreal Sunless tanning solutions were developed to help professional salon owners and spray tan professionals develop their tanning business all year round with the benefit of "Advanced Seasonal Technology".  By catering for all skin tones and producing a flawless tan every time we have turned the tanning world upside down.  We have listened to professionals and dealt with problems experienced with other tanning solutions, here are the main benefits you'll find if you use Unreal.

  • We have adapted our professional spray on tanning solutions to cater for the changing needs of your skin through the seasons.  Put simply, we provide more hydration in our tanning solutions in the winter leaving your parched skin moisturised, and less in the Summer whilst still maintaining the right levels of hydration and colour for a deeper tan.  Hydration in any formulation of sunless tanning solution is the most important factor along with the quality of DHA used. Without it your tan will break down within a matter of a few days.
  • No added fragrance which means the smell of your spray tanning product doesn't permeate the rest of your salon.
  • No sore throat for the therapist after a day spray tanning.  Our unique formulation has a higher viscosity and falls to the floor rather than being airborne.
  • No "fogging" in the spray room allowing you to carry out back to back treatments. 
  • Non-sticky formula.  Do your clients ever complain that they feel "tacky" after their spray tan and that they can't wait to shower off? Unreal eliminates this complaint.
  • Quick Drying - why is this important? Clients don't need to hang around wasting time in your spray room waiting to dry nor do they dress too soon potentially causing problems for their tan.
  • Doesn't run - so no panic blending on your clients skin and therapists worrying about the outcome.
  • Natural looking colour guide ensures your client doesn't have to worry about looking scarily dark whilst the tan is developing and doesn't create horrendous rub off onto clothes.

As a Spray Tan Therapist you can mix our solutions together to create a bespoke colour for your clients, which means there is no client you need turn away or worry about them turning orange.  Give yourself the professional edge you deserve to beat the competition.  If you need more information please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.  Call 01172 140 134 or email us on admin@unrealfaketan.com.  

Visit our professional blog at SprayTanGeek where we post really useful information for professionals.  Be sure to check it out and sign up to receive info on any new posts.

Check out our professional spray equipment for your tanning business suitable for both mobile tanning and salons here.


Salon Switch to Unreal Professional Spray Tan Kit


Looking to change your tanning brand?   Unreal Sunless can give your salon the edge over your competitors as our tanning solutions use the best natural based ingredients, which produce the most flawless, long lasting tan for your clients.  We suit all skin tones and the best bit is you can create a bespoke blend for your clients individual skin...

Spray Tan Machine Pro V


Spray Tan Machines come in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right one for your business is an important step in launching any spray tan service.  This machine is perfect for both mobile and salon use. Lightweight and compact it makes it easy to move from room to room or carry around if you're mobile. sleek metallic styling giving you...

Spray Tanning Solution Samples Professional Use Only

Sold Out

Contains 3 x 100ml Samples of 6, 8 and 12% DHA Tanning solutions. Why change to Unreal Sunless Tanning Solutions? Free from alcohol - less drying and less airborne in your spray room Free from Parabens Free from artificial fragrances which are the biggest cause of irritation Free from pthalates If you are looking for a tanning brand which offers...

Unreal Barrier Cream 1 Litre


Apply to dry areas prior to spray tanning or self tan application, such as feet, knees, elbows and hands.

Unreal Perfect Skin Base - Professional Use for perfect Spray Tanning Results


Don't leave anything to chance.  Do you have clients who claim that their tan didn't develop properly or moisturised on the day of their tan? Eliminate the excuses by spraying your clients with this Prep spray to ensure you get the best spray tan results, rids the skin of any product residue left on the skin from showering or hair...

Unreal Professional Rapid Tanning Spray Tan Liquid


Do you have clients that don't want to wear their tan whilst it develops?  Then, you need to try Unreal Rapid Tan. Suitable for all skin tones.  This is the perfect tanning solution for clients who: don't want to wait 8 hours to go to the gym have their tan at lunchtime without their colleagues seeing the tell tale "darkening"...

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