Unreal Rapid Tanning Spray Tan Liquid | 1 Hour Tan | Unreal Sunless Tanning

Do you have clients that don't want to wear their tan whilst it develops?  Then, you need to try Unreal Rapid Tan. Suitable for all skin tones.  This is the perfect tanning solution for clients who:

  • don't want to wait 8 hours to go to the gym
  • have their tan at lunchtime without their colleagues seeing the tell tale "darkening"
  • don't want their partners complaining about them wearing their colour guide in bed
  • don't want to worry about their tan rubbing off on their bed sheets

Give control to the client, they can choose to wear the colour guide for*:

  • 1 or 2 hours and achieve a light tan
  • 3 hours to achieve a medium tan
  • 4-5 hours to achieve a dark tan
*Only a light colour is noticeable after this time but continues to develop.
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