Unreal Professional Spray Tanning Solution | Unreal Sunless Tanning

Are you sick of the pungent smell of some tanning solutions?

Do you fear making your clients look "orange"?

Do you want to avoid buying every different colour option for your clients?

Do your clients complain of feeling sticky after you've sprayed them?

Do you hate the drying time of your current solution?

If you've answered yes to any or all of these questions you need to switch to Unreal Professional Tanning solutions.

Quick drying highly moisturising Profession Spray Tanning Solution available in 500ml, 1000ml and US Gallon.  No alcohol, parabens, artificial fragrance or colours.

Unreal Professional spa quality tanning solutions are made with Eco Cert Organic DHA and come in varying shades from Light 6%, Medium 8%, 10%,  and Dark 12% DHA.  All our solutions can be mixed together to make a bespoke colour to match perfectly your client's skin tone.  The only solution on the market with AST - Advanced Seasonal Technology designed by our team of formulating chemists.  This is a non sticky natural based solution containing NO parabens and NO alcohol or artifical fragrances or colourants.  

Produce a flawless quick drying tan in 5 minutes. More magazine compared the result of Unreal spray tanning solution with UK brand leader St. Tropez and Vani-t tan and voted Unreal the best for natural looking colour and fade results.  See the results for their test for the best spray tanning solutions


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