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Customised Self-Tanning Mist - Unreal Sunless Tanning
Customised Self-Tanning Mist - Unreal Sunless Tanning
Customised Self-Tanning Mist - Unreal Sunless Tanning
Customised Self-Tanning Mist - Unreal Sunless Tanning
Customised Self-Tanning Mist - Unreal Sunless Tanning
Customised Self-Tanning Mist - Unreal Sunless Tanning

Unreal™ Customised Self Tanning Mist

  • Formula customised for dry, oily or combination skin-types.
  • Your name printed on the bottle!
  • Free mitt included!
  • Lightweight, non-sticky and quick drying formula.
  • Easy application meaning no mess. 
  • Colour guide technology for an even finish. 
  • Blurs pigmentation and perfects skin.  
  • Hazel base colour so no orange tones.
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Why does customisation matter?

No two people are the same. That's why we craft your self-tanners to suit your skin-type. 

The way our tanners are modified to your skin all boils down to how your skin reacts with the DHA (The ingredient which makes your skin change colour).

No matter what, DHA always dries your skin out, meaning that if your skin is already dry, we add more moisturising ingredients to the formula. This stops it going patchy when it fades, and the tan lasts longer - perfect!

If you have oily skin, the tanner can take longer to absorb into your skin. The result? A streaky tan... Our tanning formulas for oily skin include ingredients that help it to absorb into your skin quicker, meaning a fast-drying and non-sticky formula which leaves an even glow!

As seen in...

Why we love it.

100% Natural DHA

All of our formulations are made with natural DHA derived from Beet Sugar, meaning our products are among the most natural on the market! 

100% Vegan

Our products contain only vegan-friendly ingredients, meaning no animal testing an no ingredients which have resulted in the exploitation of animals.


We are in full support of the protection of our furry friends from animal testing. That's why no animal testing was conducted when developing our formulations.


With no toxins and no nasties, our formulations are the purest on the market. Don't believe us? check out our reviews at the bottom of this page!


Parabens dry your skin out and can damage the top layer of your skin. Our formula's include zero Parabens and plenty of ingredients which hydrate and boost skin health. 

What customisations can I make?

 We let our customers personalise almost every aspect of their product. This is why we let you choose the details of your unique tanner. From the scent to the tone, and even the base ingredients, you choose how your distinct product will look, smell and feel. Because, who knows what you need more than you?

 To top it all off, you give us your name and we print it on the bottle to make that last finishing touch to your unique self-tanner.


"I love it. It felt amazing on the skin after and not sticky like most tans.”

Michaela W

"It was so easy to apply and it’s super blendable. It didn’t feel sticky as well."

Chara G

"This is the nicest tan I've used. It was so even and natural looking."

Charlotte G

"Really pleased with my personalised tan. It's so natural looking and evenly set 🥰."

Gabriella S

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