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Spray Tans, Self Tan Products, creating the best. 

The Unreal product range was created by me, Liz Hawthorne and my daughter, a mother and daughter duo who were frustrated and disappointed with being pasty white and a horrible shade of orange when they had a spray tan.  We decided to create both a self tanning range and a professional spray tan solution range to cater for both the at-home users and also the professional salons who appeared to have a restricted choice of products.  

Sunbeds or sun bathing are no longer an option for many people, in fact Liz and Laura have a history of skin cancer in their family and are themselves very pale and burn in the sun.  Not a good combination!  Over the past 13 years they have been striving to achieve a golden glow without looking obviously fake.  Having tried both off the shelf products and professionally applied ones - they weren't satisfied with the orange, streaky or patchy results they often had.  They decided to team up with the best team of formulators in the sunless tanning industry and create the most natural looking tanning products available - the Unreal sunless tanning range. Through a lot of hard work and testing they finally hit success with Unreal and Advanced Seasonal Technology - a World first.

As part of the formulating process, we insisted on having as natural based ingredients as possible, so you wont find any parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances or colourings, which can cause skin irritations in the Unreal range of products.   Neither are there any "hidden" ingredients such as phthalates.   We manufacture in small batches all freshly made and using Ecocert DHA in our tanning products assures our products are of the highest quality.  

Our typical customer is looking for a product which wont make them look obviously "fake", but one which gives them a boost in confidence and a fabulous healthy colour.

See why we are the fastest growing UK sunless tanning company, loved by celebrities and consumer magazines and chosen to supply the fake tanning products for the A list Hollywood cast in Ridley Scott's latest movie The Counsellor and spray catwalk models for London Fashion Week.  Check out why our tanning products are considered the best in the sunless tanning world.  Go get yourself some great fake tan.

Liz is often called to spray tan celebrities, involved in TV and Film projects, and London Fashion Week.  Her specialities are body contouring and creating a bespoke look for all her clients.

If you are looking to learn to spray tan then check out our Professional pages.


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