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Created by Liz Hawthorne, the Unreal product range is the by-product of a long entrepreneurial journey which was set up to solve a common spray tanning problem experienced by the founder herself. Born with pale and overly sensitive skin, exposure to UV rays was not an option for Liz, and so she turned to the spray tanning industry to get her glow in a healthier way. However, after testing numerous mainstream brands, she found that the solutions she was using were irritating her skin and causing itchiness and even dry patches. After some research into the variety of multi-syllabic and complicated sounding ingredients on the packaging of these products, she realised that a number of these ingredients not only dry and irritate the skin, but they also damage its dermal layer, thus increasing the risk of infection to the skin. Shocked by the fact that people were oblivious to the chemicals they were voluntarily rubbing onto themselves, she set out on an entrepreneurial journey to create a naturally-based spray tan with the specific goal of being kind to sensitive skin. After teaming up with the best formulators in the sunless tanning industry, she eventually settled on the Unreal Sunless Tanning range.

The mission behind these products is simple: To provide the highest quality tanning products that are kind to sensitive skin. As part of the formulating process behind this, she insisted on having only naturally-based ingredients, so you won’t find any parabens, alcohols, artificial fragrances or colourings in the products. Neither are there any "hidden" ingredients such as phthalates. We manufacture all our products in small batches which are freshly made and using Ecocert DHA in our tanning products ensuring that they are of the highest quality. On top of this, an extra bonus came out of the use of naturally-based ingredients. Due to the use of high quality ingredients and no petrochemicals the tan has been found to last 40% longer than cheaper spray tans! Feel free to browse our reviews to check this.

Our typical customer is looking for a product which won’t make them look obviously "fake", but one which gives them a boost in confidence and a fabulous natural healthy colour, all the while protecting the health of their skin.

If you are looking to learn to spray tan then check out our Professional pages.

Unreal founder Liz Hawthorne

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