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Remove Your Spray Tan and Fake Tan Applied Yourself

Whether it's a spray tan or self applied tan you need to be rid of, check out our amazing Unreal Tan Eraser Gel.

What is the best way to remove an old and fading tan?  We are always asked this question, and usually as a result of someone who hasn't taken care of their application or perhaps they've had a spray tan and it's developed very dark. If you were to Google this question you would find a variety of methods from using lemon juice, baking soda, peroxide, industrial strength chemicals to scrubbing your skin so hard that your skin becomes broken and irritated.  All of these are very detrimental to your skin by drying it out to excess and as a result causing irritation and inflammation.  You certainly wouldn't want to re-apply a tan if your skin is inflammed or irritated - you'd only make matters worse.

Unreal Tan Eraser is best placed to help you effectively remove your tan without drying out your skin or in any way irritating it.  Made from natural ingredients, it is highly moisturising which will hydrate your skin without leaving any residue to prevent you from re-applying your tan straight after.  It's a favourite product of dancers and body builders who regularly tan and often use darker products.  

For more info and to purchase Tan Removal click on the link.

Watch a video on how to use Unreal Tan Eraser 




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