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Spray Tan/Fake Tan Before and After Care

To achieve the best results for your tan you need to to have a Pre tan and Post tanning regime.

These tanning tips apply to both a self tan or spray tan by a professional. 

Pre Tan:

Wax or Shave minimum of 24 hours prior to your application

Don't wear moisturiser other than in areas which are really dry like feet, knees, elbows etc.

Apply some vaseline to your hairline and eyebrows if you are tanning your face


Post tan:

Wait until you're dry before dressing

Wear dark clothes in case of rub off

Leave your tan on for between 6 and 8 hours (other than Rapid products)

If sleeping in it, top tip is to sleep inside a duvet cover - this will spare your bedclothes from staining

Next morning shower off and pat dry - very important!

Apply moisturiser at least twice a day

Apply Unreal Body Bronze Tan Extender to maintain your tan for longer using it's combination of DHA and Erythulose


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If it all goes wrong, don't panic we have the perfect product to remove fake tan

For further tips check out our Blog which gives some valuable information in how to achieve the best self tan results and also for professional spray tans.







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