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Unreal Spray Tan for Professionals

Why You Should Add Spray Tanning to your Treatment Menu

Spray tanning is ever popular and will remain so with the fears of skin damage caused by excessive UV exposure either through sun bed use or sun bathing to excess and as professionals we all want the best tanning results for our clients.  So whether you are a high end salon/spa or a mobile beauty therapist, you really need to be adding spray tanning to your service list which will deliver exceptional results for your clients without the fear of being orange.

What do we do differently at Unreal?  

  • We have adapted our professional spray on tanning solutions to cater for the changing needs of your skin through the seasons.  Put simply, we provide more hydration in our tanning solutions in the winter leaving your parched skin moisturised, and less in the Summer whilst still maintaining the right levels of hydration and colour for a deeper tan.  Hydration in any formulation of sunless tanning solution is the most important factor along with the quality of DHA used.  Without it your tan will break down within a matter of a few days and can cause irritation.
  • No added fragrance which means the smell of your spray tanning product doesn't permeate the rest of your salon.
  • No "fogging" in the spray room and no over spray -  means less wastage and more profit for your business.  
  • Non-sticky formula.  Do your clients ever complain that they feel "tacky" after their spray tan and that they can't wait to shower off? Unreal eliminates this complaint.
  • Quick Drying - why is this important? Clients don't need to hang around wasting time in your spray room waiting to dry nor do they dress too soon potentially causing problems for their tan.
  • Doesn't run - so no panic blending on your clients skin and therapists worrying about the outcome.
  • Natural looking colour guide ensures your client doesn't have to worry about looking scarily dark whilst the tan is developing and doesn't create horrendous rub off onto clothes.

As a spray tan therapist you can mix our solutions together to create a bespoke colour for your clients, which means there is no client you need turn away or worry about them turning orange.  Give yourself the professional edge you deserve to beat the competition.  If you need more information please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.  Call 01172 140 134 or email us on  We have a blog called SprayTanGeek where we post really useful information for professionals only.  Be sure to check it out and sign up to receive info on any new posts.

Our solutions are available in 6, 8, 10, 12% DHA and a Rapid Tanning option is also available.

Here's what some of our professional users have been saying about Unreal:

"Since we introduced Unreal into our Salon, we've been able to cut down on appointment times as there is no waiting around for drying. Clients are dry straight after their tan and they love it"  Tina Smith, Owner, Sense Hair Skin Beauty

"I love Unreal and use it on my Celebrity clients. It's very natural looking with lovely ingredients"  Nathalie Eleni, Celebrity Make up Artist

“We used Unreal Sunless tanning products on the set of 'The Counselor' and loved them, produces a great colour and contains wonderfully nourishing, naturally based ingredients. I would highly recommend it!” Polly Earnshaw, make up artist

If you are interested in starting a new venture in providing a spray tanning service or changing to Unreal, we'd love to hear from you.  Ring us now on 01172 140 134 for more information and how we can help you get started.


For further information on spray tanning and the use of DHA for differing skin types see:




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