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Why does a customised tanner matter?


 Did you know there are 5 totally different skin types? There are also about 110 different skin tones.

Your skin is individual to you and so the products you use should be made individually for you aswell.

Other parts of the beauty industry have realised this, and trailblazing companies around the world have started providing bespoke skincare and haircare products for their customers. We’re the first to bring this concept to the tanning industry.


We believe you should never have to fit into a box. So, we make a box that fits to you.

Born out of a frustration with the limited selection on the pre-mixed market, we set out to disrupt the tanning industry by making each tanning solution individually to suit your skin. When you buy a pair of shoes, they’re in your size. When you order pizza in a restaurant, you choose the toppings you want. When you order a self-tanner from us, the base is formulated to fit your skin-type and environment.


No two people are the same. 

That’s why we craft your self-tanner base to suit your skin type, environment, and season. Then we let you choose the fragrance and tone.

But how does skin type, the environment and season affect the formula? It all boils down to how your skin reacts to the DHA (The ingredient which makes your skin change colour), and what that means for the tan itself.

No matter what type of tanner you buy, whether it’s a mousse, a mist or even a professional spray tan, the DHA will always dehydrate your skin. To counteract this effect, many brands put moisturising ingredients into their formula to keep your skin moist. This is especially important because if your skin becomes dry it starts to exfoliate unevenly, and this leads to a patchy tan.

But the problem is, the more moisturising ingredients in the formula, the more “sticky” your tan feels and the longer it can take to absorb into your skin. If you have oily skin, or you are in a humid environment, this can result in a streaky tan – the worst of the worst!

Most companies find a middle ground between moisturising and absorbent ingredients to create a product that delivers a satisfactory result for their target market. We are totally different. We create self-tanners for individuals, not target markets. 


The world is constantly changing with the seasons, your products should change with them.

Have you ever noticed how dry your skin gets in winter? Or how your sun cream runs with your sweat in summer? The changing seasons affect the way our skin reacts to products and these products should adapt to the seasons. In winter, dry skin becomes dryer, and fake tans can become patchy, so more moisturising ingredients are needed. In summer, your skin sweats, creating a barrier between your skin and the tanner. This can result in a streaky tan. We counteract this by focussing on the ingredients which will help the tanner absorb into your skin.


Nobody likes the tanner smell. But who’s to say you want that Tropical Mango and Guava scent?

Beyond the formulation requirements for individual skin, there are also people’s tastes.

Everyone has individual preferences, and we respect that. It’s the cornerstone of our company values. People are individuals, not “categories” or “markets” and that’s why we let our users customise almost every aspect of their product.

This is why we let you choose the details of your unique tanner. From the scent to the tone (although we make a recommendation on this), you choose how your distinct product will look and smell. Because, who knows what you need more than you?

To top it all off, you give us your name and we print it on the bottle to make that last finishing touch to your unique self-tanner.

So, are you interested to learn more? Take our quiz below and see what formula is right for you.


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