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Unreal Rapid Bronzing Mist 150ml (One Hour Tan)

Tan and go in one hour. Revolutionary tanning ingredients allow you to wear your colour guide tan for only one hour before showering. No need to miss out on the gym.
Fake Tan Double Quick with Rapid Bronzing Mist.
The latest in tanning technology Unreal Rapid Tan Bronzing Mist* delivers an amazing natural looking colour without having to wear the colour guide all day/night.  This means after just 1 or 2 hours you can go to the gymn, go out to dinner and not wear it in bed worrying about rub off on your sheets. 
What does Unreal Rapid Tan Bronzing Mist offer?
  • A fast tan - in 1 hour you have a "glow" leave on for up to 4 hours for the darkest tan
  • A realistic natural looking bronze colour (no orange tones)
  • A long lasting tan which fades evenly, no risk of over applying because you have to top up every day
  • No fake tan smell - no complaints from friends, husbands or partners
  • An exclusive hydrating skin conditioning formula with potent anti aging, skin firming properties - multi tasking product

As if that isn't enough we also have powerful antioxidants of Green Tea Extract and Algae which give you a skin treatment all in one.  You choose the colour depth you want to achieve by showering off at 2 hours for a medium tan, 3 hours for a deeper tan and 4 hours* for a darker intense tan.  Don't forget the all important need to exfoliate before applying your tanning product.  This product has a colour guide to help with your application.

Application instructions:

  • Use a tanning mitt
  • Start at the bottom of your legs and work your way up (leave feet and hands until last)
  • Use circular motions when applying to avoid streaks
  • Wait a couple of minutes until you are dry before dressing
  • Avoid light coloured clothes
  • Leave to develop for minimum for 2 hours for Light, 3 hours for medium or 5 hours for dark tan
  • Shower off colour guide, don't use anything abrasive
  • Pat dry and moisturise at least twice a day to keep the skin hydrated

* Please note, tan continues to DEVELOP after showering off

Team with one of our tanning mitts for great application.

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