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Unreal Fake Tan - Unreal Personal Tanning Mist 150ml Light, Medium, Dark

Best natural looking self tanning liquid for all skin tones in a can to mist on for self application at home. Quick drying, non sticky formulation, gives a flawless finish every time.

Fake Tan for Winter and Summer  

Available in Light, Medium and Dark to suit all skin tones.

Are you looking to use the best in fake tan products, one that matches your skin perfectly?

Have you used fake tan products in the past and been disappointed that they:

  • Don't last long - apply one day and gone the next?
  • Smell bad?
  • Leave you with a "sticky" feeling after you've applied it?
  • Take too long to dry before you can get dressed?
  • Are difficult to apply - leaving you looking blotchy and streaky?
  • End up making you look like a pumpkin?
  • Never suit you because you're pale and you just look too dark?

Which colour suits me best?

If you’ve got delicate, pale or fair skin that resists tanning, Unreal Personal Tanning Mist in LIGHT is your perfect partner.  It also provides great natural looking healthy colour for those grey, dreary winter months for all skin types.

For those who naturally tan a little in the sun try our MEDIUM shade.

Those who have olive skin tones then DARK is a must for you during the summer.

Asian and African skins also look great using Personal Tanning Mist and helps even up the skin tone using MEDIUM or DARK.

Simply choose your shade from our dropdown menu and get bronzed and beautiful the organic, sun-safe way—achieve your “personal best” shade of tan with the help of Unreal Personal Tanning Mist.  For those that tan regularly and suffer from "build up" try out our amazing Tan Remover - Unreal Tan Eraser.



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