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Unreal Fake Tan Remover - Unreal Tan Eraser Gel

Remove spray tan easily without harsh scrubbing. Can even help to fade a newly applied self tan or airbrush tan.
  • Can Lighten a freshly applied spray tan without removing completely
  • Will remove an older, fading tan effectively without scrubbing
  • Gentle on the skin with no redness or skin irritation like other removal methods
  • Super nourishing - leaving your skin perfectly hydrated and moisturised with no drying out of the skin
  • Can be used to exfoliate the skin, leaving no residue and best of all you can re-apply a fresh tan straight after with no "white" days in between

What is the worst thing about having a regular spray tan or self applying your tan? Could it be you hate the fade or sometimes it's just too dark because your spray tanner got a little bit carried away?  Or perhaps you didn't realise your normal dark shade of tan looked even darker when you wore white? Whatever the reason sometimes you just need to remove your fake tan fast.

To the rescue comes an innovative product which will rid you of unwanted fake tan build up, a streaky tan or a tan that's just too dark.  No scrubbing necessary and like no other, the only one that works - Unreal Tan Eraser Gel.  We came up with this product to stop people from having to use industrial cleaning agents or wipes, or worse still applying bleach directly on their skin.  This specially formulated unique "stick to the skin" gel is packed full of rich natural hydrating ingredients and there are NO chemicals whatsoever in this unique product.

Removes spray tan build up suffered by frequent tanners, body builders, dancers and performers - all of whom buy from us.  We have customers from all over the world buying Unreal Tan Eraser Gel as it's without doubt the only product out there that removes your tan without the use of harsh chemicals.  Contains nourishing and gentle exfoliation ingredients including a fusion of oils,  shea butter and coconut oil, kiwi seed and our signature green tea and red riboose tea extract.  It's important not to scrub your skin harshly when trying to remove fake tan, which can cause irritation and inflammation. Read a blogger review on how to remove fake tan using Unreal Tan Eraser.  You can pair this product up by purchasing our Unreal Exfoliating Towel

Unreal Tan Eraser Fake Tan Remover

Now available for all our US fans on click on the link to purchase.

Directions: Important to apply to damp skin, work into problem areas and leave for minimum 10/15 minutes (the longer the better the results).  Can be left on skin whilst soaking in the bath.  Use exfoliating towel or gloves to remove fake tan residue from skin and rinse.  


Unreal Fake Tan Remover - Unreal Tan Eraser Gel - Unreal Sunless Tanning
Unreal Fake Tan Remover - Unreal Tan Eraser Gel - Unreal Sunless Tanning

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